Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Song of the Week 29: 'PearlSong' by The Wingless

It's that day again: Wednesday. I loathe Wednesdays, Mondays, and especially Tuesdays. On the bright side, I get to write my reviews. So, what I find interesting about this song in particular is that it's from a game that I actually own. I have Super Mario 64 downloaded on my wii, and I must say that it's quite a good game to play (although I still haven't taken the time to beat it yet; I have other...better games that I need to complete). The song is called 'PearlSong', and is another remix from The Wingless (his real name is John A. Burnett). I've already heard stuff from The Wingless that I absolutely love, so I expect more greatness within this mix.

The song starts with complete silence. To break this silence, a single drop of water will fall at 0:03. There is about two more seconds of silence, but then the track starts up at 0:06. The piano starts a four-note pattern, and a synth will start the melody. The synth has a medium pitch, and echoes each time it plays. I'll let you know now that the main theme the song is going to play is from the stage 'Dire, Dire Docks'. It's an underwater world, filled with fish, a sunken ship, and a rather annoying eel. I can already feel the underwater visuals now. This will continue until 0:21, when two light hits from the timpani will lead to another rhythm from the piano to appear. The higher piano can still be heard, but the lower acts as a counter-melody to the synth. There will be two more of those hit sequences from the timpani during this, and at 0:38 more effects will start adding on. Not only does the cool piano and synth continue to play, but a new, higher synth will come. Strings will also be heard playing softly in the background also. I can hear the main melody from Dire, Dire Docks at 0:54, and at perfect timing too. The first minute or so of the song was a great buildup for that. At about 1:10 a lot drops from the song, but the piano doing its thing as well as some clarinet in there (according to djpretzel's review). Some bass will eventually come in at 1:25, but the notes from it are soft and staccato. There really isn't any changes until 1:42. The next section that will appear will be a repeat of the main melody (with the addition of the bass of course). There's somewhat of a new section that comes at 1:58; the main section dies down a little bit and feature the piano a little more here. Here the piano does some fancy fingering, because rapid triplet grace notes are heard throughout this new section. The only other thing playing here that's not piano is the bass (it does a great job of backing up the piano by the way). At 2:14, an actual beat will appear from some percussion (light percussion, thankfully). It doesn't sound all that bad actually. In fact, it's a cool change in the song to add a little more variety while still keeping that peaceful mood. The main melody, with the add-ons, will play again at 2:30. The bass, though it plays a rather small role, really makes an impact here. I could definitely tell the difference when I turned the bass off on my ipod speakers while listening to this, so even the smallest parts of a song are needed. At 2:45 the song still plays the same melody, but it's using different notes that still make it sound really nice. Another timpani roll will appear at 3:02, and the song dies down once again. It goes back to the piano playing it's usual eighth notes and the a clarinet-like instrument playing in the background. This rhythm even changes keys at 3:18. It's quite awesome, if you ask me. Also, at 3:21 there is this absolutetly flawless grace note run that is one of the coolest things I've heard in the song (insert girly "I love it!" scream right here). This continues until 3:38, where the piano now plays a high variation of the main melody. The song is about to die down for good here. The different chords from the piano are great also, and the little bell part that will occasionally come is a nice touch. This entire section repeats itself, and then fades away...

Pros: The piano was perfect, the visuals were perfect, and the majority of this song was extraordinary. The instrumentation was mainly piano-focused, yet there is such a variety when the other instruments come in. The smallest add-ons make such a difference, and work very well with what's going on.

Cons: It was a little too repetitive at tome, but that's the only flaw I think.

Overall: This is another great track from The Wingless. It's now another one of my favorite songs, and it's great to hear a song from such a classic game.

Rating: 9.6/10

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