Friday, January 14, 2011


I look out the door
Hall of mirrors spinning through
Monstrous reflections
Distorting reality

The mirrors seethe
I try to run
My feet are gone
The words "Death Warrant"
In their place

The reflections come alive
come out of the mirrors
Start their way
Toward me

Find nothing has changed
Well this sucks

I see the flesh
Falling from my hands
Then darkness
Then screams
I suppose that's me
Isn't it?

This strange feeling
That I should be dead
Only a lust
For human flesh
Keeps me alive

You might say zombie
I simply say insane
And you will run
As you truly aught

I have come to the end
My life truly done
Then in death
The same

Over again


1 comment:

Reogan said...

This is either thin or foggy. The second might be a good thing, considering the subject matter. The first would merely make it candy, on which none can survive.