Sunday, January 02, 2011

Revolutions, Chronology

1754 - French and Indian War. Colonies fight to evict the Indians.

1763 - With their Indian allies vanished, France sees no choice but to surrender. Strange rituals in the forests glimpsed by frontiersmen.

1765 - Quartering Act passed. Colonists forced to open their doors and larders to British Troops. Enmity rises even as the soldiers keep the horrors of the wilds at bay.

1765 - Sons of Liberty rally under the motto "No Taxation Without Representation!"

1768 - As more frontier disappearances take place, Colonists are backed further into a corner by the arrival of thousands of British Troops.

1770 - Colonists are found mysteriously ripped to shreds. Against all evidence, the British are blamed for this "Boston massacre".

1773 - Colonists protest the East India Company's monopoly on tea by dressing as the Savages which threaten the borders of the colonies. The Harbor is blood-red for days.

1774 - The First Continental Congress is to meet.

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Met said...

Out of all the series you had running, Reogan, this one I'm the most interested in seeing through.