Friday, January 07, 2011

For That I Know It

I suppose
I would have thought
She was beautiful
If I had been able
To feel as such
The serenity
Of her expression
As I drained
Her Life-time

The curse
Of Necromancy
To live
Off the Time
Of others
And see them
Into serenity
Or insanity
As they will

In this instant
That I know
This love
Is the most pure
And fleeting
Of my life
Because of it
I shall now die
For that I know it

My world was one
Of fear and war
Like Pandora's Box
But without the Hope
For I took hope
And changed it to fear
And all I knew
Was hatred
And anger
But no more

For now
I know love
As the purest
Of life-time
And I know
That I can take
No more
For love
Is too great
To kill for

I can only hope
They will
To love
When I'm Gone

1 comment:

Reogan said...

Powerful theme, powerful words, chillingly potent ending.

The structure bothered me though. It may just be me, but I fell a hint of unpolished-ness about the middle.