Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Fighting for love and not winning the war:
-1 XP
 Maintaining friendships and juggling trust:
76 XP
Forging ahead on a path not yet clear
(And, doubtless, will never be),
And yet shaping the goal with each flick of the mind:
312 XP

Fighting for love with a hint of success:
504 XP
Making a fool of oneself for a laugh
809 XP
Dreaming up dreams never dreamed before now
And knowing they never can be,
Yet dreaming the dreams for the sake of the dream
2002 XP

Believing in love with a heart never shared
With hope that there can be a We,
And, unceasing, pursuing that love never grasped
Paying dearly the heartache as fee;
Attempting a Epic Feat small and untrained:

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