Sunday, October 18, 2009


I have foreseen the future, and it is terror.


No, child, it is my burden to bear. You needn't concern yourself with that which is not to be known.

No, it is too much for one of so few years.

You try my patience. I tell you this is not to be spoken of!


So be it. The only fitting punishment for your insatiable curiosity is knowledge of the horror that is to be. Listen closely, and do not interrupt. It begins with- oh, and child? Do not think you can change what is not yet, yet will be. The Norns have decreed it, as they decreed Ragnarok in the Age of the Gods. Even the Aesir succumbed to their fate, despite their power, and are we not far weaker than they had been? So silently, and resignedly listen. Draw closer- no closer still, as age has all but made me dumb, and already I've spoken too long.

The end begins with life. A Light will be discovered, and it will possess the powers of healing and resurrection. The discovery well be met with celebration and feasting. The world will rejoice, and the dead will walk amongst the living, whilst the sick return to their tasks. By unanimous vote, a council of nations will elect a Protector for the light, so no country can use it's powers for evil. All will be peace for a time, but that is not to last. Corruption has always befallen the powerful, and so to will it befall the Protector. No man can resist the gains that can be made with the power over life itself. The only ones permitted to see the Light will be those that can afford it, and gradually that number will shrink as their purses empty. Yet the worst is still to come. For when the Protector was appointed, the Light and the Protector became one and the same. The governments will be powerless to stop him, for they are not only dependent upon his gift, but he will be granted perverse immortality by the Light that infuses him. No weapon of man will be able to end him. He will know this and become even more deranged. It is then that the darkness from his very soul will begin to taint the light. All who had been cured of sickness will soon wish they had died from it years ago, for no matter their affliction it will seem like nothing compared to the agony of having their very souls die within them, while their bodies are cursed to live. The raised will be more fortunate, for their soul, already weak from crossing the Void twice, will simply fade, and an army of the undead will form. The Protector will rule these minions, and with them he will seek to bring more under his control, through exposure to his Twilit form. The survivors will be rounded up, and brought to him, and he will burn away that which is human within them, leaving husks remaining. The last of the survivors- the last person who is truly human- is to be a woman, wailing and clutching a dead infant to her breast. The Protector will begin to smile, but double over instead as pains course through him. Throughout his reign, he will have grown sickly and weak, and have fits of torturous pains. Recovering, he will slowly rise, and reach out to the mortified woman with a withered, pale hand. As he touches her, the last of the Light will pour from him to her, and she will become that which was never intended to be. Yet as he immolated the souls of others, so to did the Protector drain his own soul. The last Unmaking will Unmake the Protector too, and he shall fall, dead, into the Void. With his death, all his abominations will perish, and the world will be left a dark, empty wasteland.

Pray, child, pray that none of this shall come to pass whilst the feet of any of your descendants still tread the green earth.

Goodnight, may sleep o'ertake you quickly, and may the Norns not sever thy life in the night.

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