Sunday, October 18, 2009

Song of the Day Eleven, The Queen Attacks

There is nothing more awe-inspiring than the presence of royalty on the battlefield. There is also nothing more breathtaking than a warrior-woman gracefully killing hundreds with fluid motion, despite the fact that she's wearing heavy armor, weighted down with gold plating. Combine these, and you get The Queen Attacks. The queen attacking here is not your Elven Warrior Queen charging into the heart of battle, killing all who surround her. No, she is, instead, a dark rider on a white steed, leading a score of the most promising women into battle as part of the Queen's Cavalry. They charge into their own castle, to reclaim it from the fell minions of darkness. Marble chips underfoot, and priceless tapestries are stained with blood, as she expertly wields two glaives, cutting down foes left and right, maintaining her position on the horse with her legs alone. She charges up to the throne room, and finds it empty. Leaping off the steed, she sprints up a thousand stairs into the tallest turret. She slides a glaive into the other, and when the locking mechanism clicks, she gives her new dual-bladed weapon a twirl. Satisfied that it will hold, she kicks down the tower door, and spies the dark servant who took killed the king. She runs at him, screaming in rage, and he steps back, through the window, into nothingness. As he falls, he takes the form of a raven, and flies to the Burning Fields of the North. The queen weeps. The castle has been won, but the war is just beginning.