Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Song of the Day Seven, Overworld

For those of you who have recently received a massive head wound, allow me to teach you what an Overworld Theme is. It is a theme. It plays in most of the world, excepting dungeons, shops, houses, and sacred glades that contain legendary artifacts of the gods. And Temples.

This theme is wholly unremarkable. I apologize to McVaffe, but after years of games no overworld tune can stand out. It is well written, it simply exudes adventure, and it could doubtless find a place in any game, but it's still just an overworld them.


Met said...

I doesn't sound like you liked it. I enjoyed the big sweeps, I think it makes a better hyrule field like piece.

Reogan said...

I didn't dislike it, I simply have heard literally thousands of overworld themes in my life. They get old.