Friday, October 23, 2009

Unfortunately, no clever title this week

However, this week's topic is gluttony. (Kind of ironic, considering that I'm eating apple bundt cake as I write. Mmm...)

Anyway, contrary to popular belief, the deadly sin of gluttony is not all about food. Yes, that is a major one, but the basic idea is "anything in excess is bad". Okay, that's sort of oversimplifying it...

Let's try a real-life example again! A woman is obsessed with her cooking skills. (I had to go with something pretty non-stereotypical in this.) She practices and practices by making extravagant breakfasts, lunchs, and dinners for her family every day. She tells herself that it's only because she wants to be good at what she does, but as time goes on, cooking is all she focuses on. She gets angry at people when they make the slightest criticism of her cooking, and she loses sleep over trying to remember a recipe. Soon, it's all her life is about.

Having priorities in life is not necessarily a bad thing, according to the Catholic church. But they teach that when those priorities overcome God, it is gluttony--an excess of something that will distract you from God.

What about you? Do you agree with this definition?

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Reogan said...

I only work within the bounds of gluttony. And I love every minute of it.