Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Song of the Day Thirteen, The Village in Flames

How does one describe the scene our hero encountered when returning to the beautiful Pandora, and her quaint town of Pandora? Sorrowful. Glorious. Melancholy. Powerful. Final. The village was aflame. The hero ran forward to try to do something, anything to help, but ran into an invisible barrier. He sliced at the wall again and again with his sword, weeping. Time blurred and when the sword broke, he fell to watching, unable to look away. He pressed his hand against the field, and watched, as the town he grew to love was destroyed. Tears ran down his face, but sobs no longer wracked his body. The sky darkened with ash, and as the fires smoldered, it began to rain. The rain grew heavier, turning the earth to mud, and soon obscured the village's remains from the hero's sight.

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