Friday, October 09, 2009

I am running out of ideas...

So I'm sorry if this week's post's quality isn't the best. Although, who knows? Anyway, the topic is power--specifically, what makes people want it?

We'll start as far back as I can think of, which is the biblical story of Cain. (For anyone who doesn't believe in the Bible--deal with it. This is a good example.) He killed his brother because he felt God loved Abel more than He did Cain. Cain wanted to be the most loved; to have that power.

History is positively littered with men or women who wanted power. You can think of them: Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ivan the Terrible, Adolf Hitler, various countries who wanted to colonize America, the Indians and colonists who rebelled against the British government at one point or another... I would go on, but it would take WAY too long.

But why? What makes people want power?

There is a religous answer to this, but I won't put it up, since I would like people to comment. If I did write what I believed as far as religion is concerned, I'd probably have to disable commenting. Instead, just think about it: what do you think makes people want power?


Reogan said...

Power gets you what you want, and gets you adoration. There's few that can stand against that temptation.

Met said...

Control. People want control.

Reogan said...

Or at least the ability to control when they want. Many rulers are content to allow things to slip into chaos as long as it fails to impinge upon their luxury.