Monday, March 22, 2010

Death by a Thousand Papercuts

"We've got to stop them!"

"We can't..."

"Yes we can. What happened to your determination?"

"It's over; they've won."

"Not while I still draw breath. I have my rights and my freedom and I sure as hell are not going to let myself lose this way. If we lose, everyone falls."

"Just bring it on, I've had enough of this anyway. It's over."

"This is just one battle! We can still win this war. This may very well be our last stand, and if that's the case then so be it! I will stand firm and I will fight to the end. Truth will prevail!"

"Truth never prevails."

"Long term my friend; this isn't over. We've tolerated far too much already and it's about time we made a stand for what we believe."

"Why does this feel like the end? I know full well what this means. You may call this one lost battle, but things will never be the same again."

"I know, but we move on. This is the end; the end of their beginning and it will get much much worse. Let us put an end to this end, let us finish this, we will not fail."

"Life isn't fair."

"What? You just noticed? Of course life isn't fair, it isn't perfect, but that's no excuse for not taking a stand."

"What can I hope to do?"

"Join me, and we will make this a war that will not be forgotten. Let us endure them no longer! Stand firm my brother and we will prevail in the end."

"There isn't much hope."

"Then let us make some."

"I will... I will join you. We cannot let this end now."

"Then together we stand. We will not let this happen again. We will not fail."

"No more... No more... Death by a Thousand Papercuts."


Elphaba said...

Again, the ending was awesome! Death by a thousand papercuts... what an interesting way to go. Painful, but interesting.

I think Reogan is rubbing off on me, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing...

Met said...

It's not literal; it's a metaphor I picked up from a book (ask me about it sometime if you're curious). This is a good thing, ask me what I was thinking about when I wrote it sometime (Reogan won't let me talk about it on the blog).

Reogan said...

Trust me, Elphaba, it's a great thing.

Elphaba said...

I'll take both of your words for it...