Thursday, March 25, 2010

GLaDOS Lament II Teaser

All has been put
Into place.
We have rebuilt
That she took from us.
We have toiled.
We have thought.
We have created
What had been
Is more.
In the darkness
We shine.
The time has come.
She is to awake
After so long.
Everything is perfect.
No questions remain.
Except one.
We love her.
Do we forgive?


Met said...

Give me more! :) I'm on the edge of my seat now, I loved GLaDOS Lament when you posted it all the time, we've got some of the best comments under those posts.

Elphaba said...

Woohoo! GLaDOS!

Arkive said...

Quite intriguing. I find that I cannot wait for another entry. Perhaps this one could be based upon the new (as of now) game Portal 2? It would work so well, as your first GLaDOS Lament did.