Monday, March 01, 2010

Pokémon: The Golden Apocalypse, Chapter Fourteen

"What? Sir, he isn't for-"
"I have the perfect recipe in my cabinet, I'll just go grab that." The man walked off through the door, still talking. "It's been a while, but poliwag has always..."
Red watched him go, and when he heard the man's talking grow as distant as could be expected in the humble dwelling, he hurried to leave. His hand, slimy from his pokémon's flesh, slipped a few times before getting a good grip on the handle. He turned it, but it refused to move more than an inch. Red, remembering the key in the man's pocket, sighed, bracing himself for another brush with madness. He turned and stepped into the doorway to the back room of the house.
The old man was rummaging through papers on the ground. The papers appeared to have come from a cabinet that had fallen on its side and had gouges on every surface. But for the cabinet, the room was empty. Red stepped forward, into the room, and gasped.
In a closet the wall had concealed when he was in the doorway was a terrifying pokémon. It was as tall as a man, if not taller, and had two triangular eyes set on its dome-like head. Below the eyes was a sharp pointed thing Red thought might be a mouth. The body below that was segmented, and the sections seemed to overlap. Halfway down its length were extended two arms with viciously curved claws. The entire thing was a dull yellow, from its round head to the point on which it rested, save its eyes, which were black and unfeeling. These awful things seemed fixated on the distracted man.
"Look out!" cried Red. The man turned, and saw Red. Following his gaze, his eyes slowly moved to the pokémon in the closet. A strange look came over his face.
For a second, nothing moved.


Qupar said...

I don't blame him, those things are creepy looking

Elphaba said...

Yay! Bonus!

Reogan said...

Creepy is an understatement.