Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Timmy loved to look out windows. He enjoyed noticing all the nature around him. He had a big window in his house. It seemed every time he looked out his window, he would see something beautiful. He sat on the windowsill and looked outside. He watched the flowers blowing in the wind, and then noticed two birds, looking for worms in the dirt. He saw them tense and fly away, as a beautiful fawn trotted out of the woods and fell on its belly, still learning to walk. A mother deer came out and tried to help her baby up. Timmy thought it was very lovely. A few minutes later, his cat came walking into his yard. As it just got off the porch, an enormous eagle swooped from above and carried it away. A man came walking across. He stopped and stared at Timmy through the window. They were inches away, with just a sheet of glass coming between the two, then Timmy noticed something behind the man. A rabbit was hopping behind him and it began to grow. It slashed the man, and he fell over, blood staining the ground. As the giant rabbit began to devour the man's organs, a gunshot was heard and a bullet smashed through the window, missing Timmy's head by millimeters. The rabbit turned to face its hunter. The hunter took out a knife, and as the rabbit leaped upon him, he sliced open its stomach. The rabbit fell on top of the hunter and Timmy thought that the weight of it would have crushed the man. He then noticed an arm sticking out from underneath, and saw it crawl away, hacking itself off its body. It moved toward the window. It began to climb up the windowsill to face Timmy. Timmy heard his mother calling. He headed toward the door of the room, glancing at the arm trying to break through the window. Timmy loved to look through windows. It showed him the beauty of nature.

I hope this isn't to bad for this site, it was just an idea I had.

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Reogan said...

Did I fail to comment before? Hm.

See this? This is a good writing. It's idea outweighs the skill with revealing. the inexperience of its writer, but good nonetheless.