Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mawile Arbok

This is one that Reogan and I had worked together on a while ago. I especially like the middle one, which was made from again, the mawile head, and an arbok body. I don't like the third one quite so much, because the head is so obviously Steelix and the body is obviously Rayquaza, but I thought that these were pretty cool. Sorry I couldn't do more. I have barely been getting any sleep lately and I didn't have much time. If you have any ideas on how to make these any better, please share.


Reogan said...

The center sprite is entirely my work, Qupar. Take credit only where it is due. Or where people won't contest it. There too.

Qupar said...

I'm sorry, Reogan did do the whole middle one and most of the first one, I did the last one, which in my opinion is the worst, definitely not my best. I posted it cause I thought the middle one especially was really good.

Reogan said...

Aww, thank you.