Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Jimmy unwrapped his new present. He was startled to find a box with a crank. He had never seen one before. He was only three years old and had not yet stumbled upon the classic jack-in-the-box. His parents told him to crank the handle. He did. Then he screamed. It was the most horrifying thing he had ever seen. His parents laughed. It made him mad. He was three years old and he got a terrorist device for his birthday. He began to cry. His parents comforted him still laughing.
Jimmy sat in his room, staring at the box. He wanted to try again. He wanted to beat it. He picked it up and sat it on his bed. He cranked. He winced as it jumped into his face. He tried again. This time he knew he could do it. He cranked. The lid opened. He saw nothing inside. Then he saw a horrifying face fall from his head into the box. He screamed again. It was good. Jimmy knew he could do better. He cranked again. Again, the lid opened, revealing an empty box as the face fell from his head into the box. He hadn't screamed. He had done it. He tried again. The box was empty after he cranked it. However, he never saw the face fall back into the box. He turned around and saw "Jack's" whole body. It was hanging on his doorknob, locking it. Jimmy screamed. Jack flew back into the box. Jimmy was still determined to win. He cranked again. He tried again. The empty box opened. He heard a gunshot and his window smash. He smelt smoke coming from outside. He looked through his window. Jack was burning the porch. He screamed. Jack flew back in the box. Jimmy decided to stop. Jack could not be beaten.

Jimmy learned and important tip about life. Always give your jack-in-the-box the respect it deserves.

I realize this was an off day. I am uber-tired and couldn't think of much.


Elphaba said...

Love the ending!

Reogan said...

I'd love to see a revised version some time.