Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So for some odd reason I was wondering why Reogan gets all the attention (dumb question to ask I know) so I decided I should post this; a sort of profile of myself. First things first, I cannot post like Reogan. For one I am way too serious to be able to generate some interesting conversation. The only topics I seem to be able to post about are music, sports (which Reogan dislikes so you'll have to see my other blog for that, and PPR (otherwise known in the OCR forums as Politcs, Philosophy, & Religion)). So this severly limits my options for posting on this blog to mainly just music, which seems to be working for me so far. Reogan's charecter is comical, interesting, and smart, a combination that I can't match on this blog. So I honestly just want to use this to thank him for giving me the opertunity to be a part of this and use this blog like my own. I'd also like to thank Elphaba for joining this blog, I really don't know you as well as Reogan, but I still know you somewhat and I defenitely respect your uniqueness and talent that you bring here. I'm content with this small community as it is and it's pretty nice. The posting schedule that Reogan has set up for us is pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to a lot of stuff right now. Although I'm sort of just posting for the sake of posting here and just to have something on Tuesday it's sort of a profile of myself and many thanks to Reogan and Elphaba. I'm happy to be here, thanks guys.


Reogan said...

Wow! Um... I'm going to take this in pieces. First, a rebuttal; I don't get all the attention, my posts simply have the long conversations, many of which have degraded into an ill-concealed attempt to be the last voice. But that just means that conversation happened to go on longer there. Thank you none the less :)

Music seems to be working for you thus far? No one can deny that you lead us to some quality music. And some techn- ... never mind. :p

You can and do match my character. My comedy is tempered with your sense. I dunno if I'm interesting like you say, but y'know what? You're interesting. It's a prerequisite to join the blog. Srsly. AND do you really believe it when you imply that I am smart unlike you? I hope not.

You're welcome.

Yes, this is a pleasant community. Rather pleasant.

I can't take credit for the posting schedule. I tried to make one in the past, but it failed. This came about from individual initiative, and hard work. All I did was start the first weekly column.

You're right! Tuesdays need something. I'll get to work on that now! Mawhahaha.

And thank you.

Elphaba said...

Aww... friend moment... *brings out Kleenex*

Reogan said...

Group hug!

Elphaba said...


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