Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Song of the Week 3: 'Day's End' by Audix, Tweek

Song of the week 3 is up, sorry I missed last Wensday. Anyway this one is another one of the best pieces I've found on OCR by two of my favorite artists (I have lots of favorite artists). Audix and Tweek collab on this one from Mario Kart 64, with their remix titled Day's End. The link for the song page can be found here (that's right, I finally decided to hyper link words O_o) and the direct link if you just want to listen to the song is here. I love this piece because it's just so uplifting, and this is coming from someone who usually hates music that sounds too cheerful. This piece was also refrenced in this thread on the OCR forums. So yeah, it's a very well done piece that really puts a positive spin on things, not something I usually here and like. Excellent, piano, electronic, etc. awesome stuff.


Reogan said...

A wonderful ditty, in my opinion. It's certainly an uplifting bit of tune.

Met said...

Don't you own the game?

Reogan said...

I've never enjoyed racing enough to purchase any Mario Kart.