Friday, September 18, 2009

Song of the Week 6.5: 'Necromancy' by zircon

This week I'm showcasing zircon... and probably the next weeks untill the end of the year too, because there's so much awesome stuff to go through. Incase you don't know, zircon is one of the more well known members of OCR and he has some truly incredible skill. You can pick loads of stuff up from him at OCR, but he's also released many awesome independent pieces as well. He recently added a Licensing store that is nice because it allows you to lsiten to several very good tracks, some more well known than others. Of course he also has a free MP3 section where you can download even more of his independent stuff. He also has several video tutorials for FL studio, which I still find very interesting to watch despite the fact that I don't actually have FL studio. In fact, zircon is constantly active and he really has some amazing stuff going in the forms of Impact Soundworks and SoundTempest. I can link you to so many awesome songs of his and there's so much to choose from so here's how I'm going to do it. Each week on the .5 song of the week edition I'll give you something from zircon that's independent, while my regular song of the week tracks stay from OCR. So this week's piece from zircon is Necromancy from Mass Media Constant. The first link leads to the download on Protagonist Records, while this link leads you to the page for the song. There's so much good stuff out there and it's all worth checking out. Untill Next Time...

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Reogan said...

This track has the greatest disparity (in my mind) between Glory of Title and Glory of Music, with he title being its best point.

I'm sorry.