Friday, February 05, 2010

Love Story of Dexter Payne

Dexter Payne sat down nervously across from his girlfriend. "Hey, Mary."

"Hi, Dex!" She replied brightly. "How was your day?"

"Oh, it was fine..." Dexter babbled on, anxiously fingering the ring in his pocket. While Mary laughed about the escapades of the five-year-olds she taught, Dexter wondered if his decision was the right one...

What if she says no? What if she laughs at me? It's not worth it!

"Dex?" Mary asked, her brow wrinkling. "Are you all right?"

It's not worth it,
he decided. She'll hate me. She doesn't really like me; she's just with me for convenience. I won't trap her by proposing.

"Nothing." Dexter smiled. "What did you say Charlie did to the Legos?"

She must never know. It wouldn't make any difference, because she would just leave me. I won't trap her.

I love her too much.

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