Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Worthless life?

It was a good feeling, perfecting the lives of others. Shofah was glad he was Chosen to become a Perfecter. It was a fun job. Not to mention, relatively easy. He grinned as he looked at the clock. 2 more minutes until it was time to start. Shofah grabbed his tool. It was very shiny. He liked shiny. He sat down on a step at the top of the building. He could see everything from up here. He liked to look at the little people down below. "They look just like ants." he thought to himself. "And soon they will come up here and I can help them." He was so excited to start a new day off with the perfection of lives. He was told by the Officials that he was doing a great job. He might even be the best they have ever had. He heard the drum start to beat, and leaped to his feet as he watched the first man walk up the giant pyramid. He was trembling. "He must not be having a very good time..." Shofah thought to himself. He smiled at the thought of making his life better. The man was at the top of the giant pyramid now, and laid down on the stone, rectangle table. Shofah looked at his tool. It was very sharp. He liked sharp. He raised it above the man. The man screamed. "Don't worry," said Shofah, "you will feel better when you are dead." Shofah was so pleased with himself. "Then you won't have to live with the disease you might get, and we won't have to pay to feed you." He dropped his hand, and stabbed the tool into the man. He felt so happy, another life saved from the torture of living. "It makes so much sense." He thought. "My parents would be so proud if I didn't have to perfect them, too." He watched, proud of himself, as the next man walked up. Shofah smiled nicely to the man. This man was labeled as a blind one. No one bothered to find out if he was or not. No one thought that he could live his life if he was blind, and why let him try? It doesn't matter, it's just life.


Elphaba said...

Deep. I like it.

Reogan said...

Surprisingly so. It bears revision and expansion.