Saturday, February 06, 2010


Reogan wanted me to post more sprites on Satudays. Here are my latest addtitions.

This one I am not so fond of. I tried to make the dumbest looking sprite I could. It's got Loudred ears for eyes, a recolored electrode body, gyrados wings, and a tanglegrowth or whatever it's called arm for a trunk/nose. Not to proud of it. Unlike my next one.

I like this one. I took and Ivysaur's body and shaved off it's giant flower on it's back, recolored it black and gray, and put the flames of cyndiquil and quilava on it. I also added a charmander flame on it's foot. I love this one. Fire is the best.


Reogan said...

What do you call them?

Qupar said...

Dopeycrap and Charvysaur?

Reogan said...

Of the two, I prefer Charvysaur

Met said...

I second that notion.