Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shame, Humiliation, and Embarrassment

Qupar could not decide quickly enough. He wasn't sure the offer was good enough. "Why could the other kid just skip his stupid baseball game?" he thought to himself. After all, he was the one who wanted to do this. The idea of dressing in a shiny red dress and dancing in front of others was not appealing to him at all. However, they did mention one cream. Ice cream was a great offer, Qupar loved ice cream. Not to mention, he should be more outgoing and less shy, but was this to far? He didn't know. He wasn't even completely comfortable dancing as a guy to the song "You Can't Stop the Beat" (from Hairspray) in front of hundreds of people, but participating in the annual 4-H variety show was a tradition of his. To make it even worse, he found he won an award at the end of the show. Mr. and Miss came up to the microphone and proclaimed that had one the "Dance Fever" Award. Qupar didn't even know if he should accept it, but the people sitting next to him in the large auditorium told him to go. He walked up on front of the stage and accepted his award, and now his group wanted him to cross dress and dance all across the County Fairgrounds. He had to be outgoing, he must do this, but he couldn't he denied it.

The next week, he was half regretting his decision. He thought maybe it will help my confidence. They asked again at the next practice, and he shamefully agreed. The next week, he went to the bathroom to change. He opened the plastic bag, and put on the dress and horrendous wig. He walked back into the lobby of the building. People laughed. He was so humiliated. He stood there, awkwardly, showing more chest cleavage than he felt comfortable, and then realized how nasty any guy showing chest cleavage in a dress was. It was time. Show #1, the chicken barn. At least he could dance correctly, he thought to himself. They moved to the cow barn for show #2. He noticed two people he knew, gaping at what they saw. After the show was done, the people he moved came over to him. "Qupar, what are you doing?" So much for no one recognizing him. He felt so embarrassed. They still performed two more times. The last on a stage.
It was over, he could become male again. He was so glad it was done. It was by far the second most humiliating thing he had ever experienced. He changed back into real cloths, looking forward to ice cream. When he came out...there was none. He decided maybe being outgoing is not such a great idea.

I am sorry if this is bad or poorly written, but there have been untrue stories of this event floating around, and I just want to clarify.

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Reogan said...

So you decide to clarify on a site where no rumor of it has spread, with a post that doesn't quite fit the established way of things on that site?