Monday, February 22, 2010

Story Shards: 1337s & Levers

"Oh lol," laughed Evita, plucking another hor d'oeuvre from the tray. "Vincent, you really are almost too droll."
"Thx, my dear, thx. But tell me how your Reginald's oil prospects are coming. I heard he had procured quite a large drilling site in Brazil. From Charles here, if I'm not mistaken."
"Hax," murmured Charles under his breath. He took a large swig of champagne. It would be a long night.
Evita glared at him. "O rly? Pics or it didn't happen!" Charles sighed, defeated. Evita continued, "Well, it won't be easy to drill for a while. The natives seem to fail to realize that all their base are belong to us." She caught a faint curse from across the room, and turned to see Reginald fighting of an extraordinarily long feline.
"No, you may not haz cheezburger!"
"It seems I need to go rescue my husband. The party was grand though. Simply grand." Evita began to leave when Vincent's voice stopped her.

"Thus, if a lever long enough can move the world, a lever long enough could move the universe." The keynote speaker droned on, as the entire summit began to nod off. Irene D. Powd actually slept for a short time, before waking to the ominous words from the speakers. "...Metaphysical enough could move your soul." Irene felt a horrible wrenching in her gut as laughter boomed from the speakers. The speaker was pushing one finger downwards on a small point just beyond the physical universe. The mechanical advantage was too great, and Irene felt her soul slip away.


Qupar said...

i don't get it...

Elphaba said...

Love the name: Irene D. Powd... :P

Reogan said...

What's there to get?

The name was... inspired, my dear, as you can no doubt guess.