Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Story Two, Chapter One

Light was nearly absent. If one were to spend hours in the silence, a faint sound might reach their ears. A sound much like the wings of a hawk, whispering as it descends on a helpless mouse. If, then, one would advance, and ascend a spiraling staircase to a platform on a dais, a tall thin figure might come into view. Obscured by the oppressive darkness, his features would be indiscernible from his clothing, except for his fingers which would twitch before him. And if one were to stay in this room for years, then the screens would become visible. Glowing a faint green, they could be seen past the man, towering hundreds of feet high in clusters composed of scores. One would need to become one with the darkness to see this far past it. Not that anyone could survive to reach the room.